Online applications are invited from Drip irrigation & Sprinkler irrigation system manufacturers
  • The registration under the scheme will be open throughout the year to enable maximum flexibility and open participation

  • The manufacturers can apply for registration for Drip / Sprinkler or both Irrigation must apply separately

  • The manufacturer should pay registration fee of Rs.50, 000/-, renewal of registration fee of Rs.25,000/- for Drip irrigation system / Sprinkler system / both systems, through online Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS). Receipt head for the same is as under - Demand No.- D1
    0401-Crop Husbandry
    800- Other Receipts
    (01)(012) Other Items
  • The company must provide free after sales service to the farmers for three years from the date of installation of system.
  • Manufacture shall furnish a Bank Guarantee of Rs.2, 00,000 for Drip Irrigation & Rs1,00,000 for Sprinkler Irrigation separately valid for period of registration.
  • The registration will be valid for five year for the newly registering companies. Renewal of registration is valid for 2017-18 for already registered companies. However, the Commissioner Agriculture /Director Horticulture /SLSC reserves the right to restrict/extend the period of registration with or without assigning any reason
  • The companies willing to participate in the PMKSY scheme should be manufacturing below mentioned components and own BIS in their name
  1. In the case of drip irrigation, company must manufacture at least laterals and emitting devices as specified conforming to BIS standards. For online drip irrigation systems the company should be manufacturing lateral tubing as well as drippers as per BIS and for inline drip irrigation systems, the company should be a manufacturer of inline emitting pipe.
  2. In the case of portable sprinkler irrigation system the company should manufacture either coupled HDPE pipes or sprinklers and should possess respective BIS.
  3. In the case of other sprinkler irrigation systems viz mini, micro, semi-permanent sprinkler systems the company should manufacture either of HDPE/PVC/PE pipes/nozzles and should possess respective BIS.
  4. In the case of large volume sprinkler irrigation system (rain gun sprinklers)the company should manufacture HDPE pipes and nozzle and should possess respective BIS.